Digital designer in Paris 

Specialized on UX/UI design

Take It Fresh

10 septembre 2017

Allocine website redesign

5 septembre 2017

App concept Audi Driving Xperience

13 août 2017

Emailing Design

11 août 2017

Roosevelt Or

15 juillet 2017

Fitness Fighters

23 décembre 2016

Beautician School Site

2 juillet 2016

Hair Extension

21 juin 2016

Skill n°

01. UX/UI Design

I propose and realize attractive and powerful web design in order to highlight a product or a service.

Skill n°

02. Webmarketing

My experience in webmarketing allows me to have more perspective in my work and to think user first.

Skill n°

03. SEO

The SEO part is essential in the realization of a web design because we need to be visible to reach our target.